"Reptoid" is a term to describe any sapient lifeform that is humanoid in shape, but reptile-like in appearance. The term is used to describe a variety of intelligent species that are reptilian in nature.

Alpha Draconian Reptoid

The Alpha Draconian Reptoids are a sapient species of carnivorous reptoavians who have been visiting Earth for a very long time and have been known by Earth humans by the dragons and other winged reptiles of Earth religion and mythology. They are tall and strong with horns, wings and a long tail.

Terran Reptoid

Not all reptoids are from other planets. The terran reptoids were uplifted on Earth by the alpha draconian reptoids for the purpose of creating new forms of intelligent life. The animal that was uplifted into the terran reptoids was the dinosaur Troodon. Some breeds of Terran Reptoid come in various different forms, some have tails while others don't have tails. One of the first humans to become aware of the possible existance of something like the Terran Reptoid was a paleontologist named Dale Russell who hypothesised the possible existance of a Dinosauroid.


The Chitahuli are a species of reptoids with beaks like turtles and sharp teeth and claws and are most widely known troughout the universe for their third eye one their forehead which is used for seeing in inferred and as a telepathic communication organ and weapon. Some members of the species came to Earth and formed the Illumanati for the purpose of allowing themselves and other Reptoid species to walk among humans in secret to observe humans in their environment, and to protect Earth from empending doom, such as an attempt to invade the Earth.

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