Isaac's Rules

Isaac's Rules are a set of rules to govern the worlds and stories by Isaac A. Law.

1. Impossibility is an illusion caused by the limitations that are set on the mind.

2. Magic is the science of what is unknown or supernatural, science is the magic that is known to us.

3. Any kind of space travel can work as long as they are within an understandable principle.

4. As common as common sense is, different brains may be wired very differently. So what may be understandable for humans may not be the same as what is understandable for aliens alike.

5. Robots may be governed by Asimov's rules of robotics, but they can break them if they want to(and were able to do it) or if they are programmed to do otherwise.

6. As common as inhabited planets like Earth are, worlds with different conditions haboring life forms that are more exotic will be common too.

7. As much as the humanoid shape is an ideal shape for intelligent life, other forms of intelligent life will be good too.

8. The universe is be mostly governed by Arthur C. Clarke's three laws of prediction.

9. Marriage and interbreeding between alien life forms are possible as long as the genetics can support the union. And if the married couple are from two radicly different species, then children may be produced through bioengineering in an incubator.

10. Upliftment for enslavement purposes is illegal, anyone who does so is considered hostile, warlike or even criminal.

11. Different methods produce different results. And that is generally true with time travel. One method creates a time loop, another creates an alternate timeline and so on.

12. All things are possible, it is just a question of whether to use science or magic.

13. All things are relative.