FTL Travel

"FTL Travel(faster-than-light travel)" is a term to describe interstellar travel by means of bending or warping spacetime in one form or another without going faster than the speed of light. This is achieved by many methods depending on advancement and specific type of technology. Warp drive uses a princible of compressing the space infront of the ship while expanding the space behind the ship. Hyperdrive is a method of making the jump out of normal spacetime, entering hyperspace(additional dimensions of spacetime) and exiting at the desired destination point. This is done usually by using something similar to an artificial wormhole. One other method is by folding spacetime like paper and in a way actually traveling without moving. This is a method known as spacefold, which is achieved by a spacefold engine. Whatever the technology, FTL travel is always achieved by manipulating spacetime.

Warp Drive- Usually achieved by Type 2 civilizations or Type 1 civilizations with the help of visiting extraterrestrial species.

Hyperdrive- Achieved usually by civilizations that rank between Type 2 and Type 3.

Artificial Wormholes- Ranks usually somewhere around a Type 3 civilization. One rare occassions though, it is achieved by a late Type 2 civilization.

Spacefold- Usually is achieved by a Type 3 civilization.